What is a Root Canal

Root canal and root canal treatment is the removal of the pulp, which is a small issue that’s in the center of the mouth. Once the damaged, dead, or diseased pulp is removed, the rest is cleaned up, filled, and then shaped. It does seal off the root canal, and usually, this can save the teeth that were otherwise lost.

Usually, this happened due to cracked teeth, deep cavities, injuries to teeth, and if the pulp is left for dead, this can actually build pus up at the jawbone, which can destroy the bone and the teeth, causing pain and if left untreated, death.

cartoon tooth root canal treatment , great for dental care concept

The first thing that you do is you should talk to your Las vegas dentist about whether or not the pulp can be safely removed or not, and if not, they may have to do a full extraction. But, the first thing that they do is make openings near the back of the molar or even the pre-molar. After that, the diseased pulp is then removed, and the chamber and the root canals are cleaned up, shaped, and enlarged f preparation on what’s being filled.  If more than one visit is required, a filling is then placed on the crown pushed up to protect the tooth area in between dental visits. The temporary filling is then removed and the pulp chamber and the root canal are totally filled. From there a tapered, rubbery material that’s called gutta-precha is then put into each of these canals, and from there sealed into place with cement. Sometimes, metal or plastic rods are placed there for more support of the structure. The final step is usually when a crown is placed over the tooth itself in order to restore the shape and the appearance of this. If the tooth is super broken down, you may need another appointment before the crown is placed on top of this.

How long will this last? Well, your treated and restored types of teeth can last a lifetime if you take care of this. But, tooth decay can still occur with teeth that are good, so you should make sure that you exhibit proper hygiene orally, and from there make sure that you get the necessary dental exams to prevent this.  Since there is not help keeping this alive, this can become brittle and not prone to staying together, so fractures can happen, so do be careful when you’re getting a crown or filling on this.

You can usually see comparative x-rays in order to figure out how your teeth look before treatment, and you can look at whether or not the bone continues to be lost, or if it is being regenerated in some way, shape or form.

When it comes to oral hygiene, you should definitely consider this type of treatment, and you may need it if there is a risk for infection whatsoever, and realize that it can help you in many different ways, and overall can help.