There is more evidence coming forth that oral health is linked to general health. This is why we have created this blog to create oral health awareness. Your mouth is a part of your body, so you should take care of your oral health. There are five reasons why oral care is integral for a healthy body.

First, let’s talk about how healthy gums prevent heart disease.  Studies have shown that oral inflammatory disease and elevated heart disease do increase if you have this.  People that have periodontal disease are at much higher risk than heart disease, and twice the risk of fatal heart attack than those without the periodontal disease. Gum disease that extends from bacterial exposure can lead to cardiovascular disease and inflammation within the body, so make sure that you do take the time to take care of your gum health.

If your mouth is healthier, you can also have a much healthier pregnancy. Studies have shown pregnant women with low or poor oral health are at higher risk of developing pre-term delivery, and low birth weight babies.  Those with low birth weight have higher complications, especially developmentally, asthma, ear infections, birth issues, behavioral issues, and a higher risk of death.

It also can connect to diabetes, at least gum disease can. Serious gum disease can cause glucose control to lessen affecting diabetes. That’ because periodontal disease is an inflammation, and well, you’re going to also have an infection too, and it affects how you metabolize the carbohydrates in your cells, and it can impact insulin resistance too.

There is also oral cancer that can happen too. You can detect oral cancer before you even have symptoms, and that’s because all dentists will check the soft tissues to see if they’re healthy, and from there, inspect the gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Precancerous cells are actually found super early, and while the lesions may not be causing you any noticeable symptoms, this is actually how they’re detected. Nearly half the patients that are at risk for this get diagnosed early, and they survive, so early stage is crucial.

Finally, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should try to look at your oral health. Brushing your teeth means that you finished eating your food, and from there, you should use this to your advantage. Have a good meal, and then brush your teeth. This will trick the body into realizing that mealtime is over. When brushing you’re cleaning up your teeth and it also can trick your body into having something refreshing. don’t just want to brush right before you go to bed, you can do this at any time, and it isn’t super easy to overbrush or anything, so make sure that you take the time to effectively take care of the teeth that you have in order to help with this.

Brushing your teeth is good for you in many ways, and if you’re looking to have a happy, healthier mouth, and one that you’ll be much happier to take care of.